Month: June 2016

If you happen to read this blog occassionally you’ll know that my husband and I are huge fans of mushrooms. We’ve always enjoyed eating them but since finding wild morels on our honeymoon last year we got a bee in our bonnet about finding them out in the wild.

So far we haven’t really found many edible mushrooms. But the poisonous ones are still interesting to look at. PSA: never, ever consume a mushroom if you aren’t 100% sure what it is. Before hunting invest in a good mushroom identifying guide (I use this one for the UK and purchased this Californian one for Brian) and when in doubt consult people with more knowledge than you – the folks over at r/mycology are happy to help in identifying unknown fungi.

Brian visited me back in April for our one year wedding anniversary and my birthday and I had heard good things about mushrooms in the New Forest. We took a day trip down there with Kim and had vigorous walk around a section of the forest.

We ended up finding a good amount of oyster mushrooms and some other less edible ones. Unfortunately this was the day when my camera decided to die (don’t use third-party batteries, guys) so I never got any photos of our haul.

Anyway, the real purpose of this post was to share some of the photos I took that day. I took my camera in to get repaired today so I’m hoping that I will be able to start blogging FOR REAL again very soon. I miss it!

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Last week I won a Twitter competition with Equinox Kombucha – all 4 of their booch flavours, some 9bars and 2 tickets to Taste of London in Regents Park!

I took my friend Eleeshia who blogs over at Conscious Glow! We went after I finished work on Saturday, the evening session at 5:30! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great (sooo much mud) but I was super happy to find there was lots of vegan goodies.

The restaurant options were a bit lacking – two options at Amico Bio and a possible option at Vanilla Black but I wasn’t super hungry so I wasn’t too bothered.

First we ended up at Pip & Nut! I’m a huge fan of these nut butters and I’d been searching for the crunchy maple peanut butter in vain for a little while. We had a couple of samples there! I ended up picking up two jars of the peanut butter and their plain cashew!

Thai fruit stall! They had loads of different thai fruit including rambutan, lychee, mangosteen and DURIAN! I’ve only had durian once and it was frozen with sticky rice – my husband and I shared it in California. It’s definitely an interesting fruit experience – like onions, garlic and custard. There wasn’t any samples here to try unfortunately! I did have some mangosteen and longan!

Next we headed over to Plenish to say the secret word and get our free Plenish Water! The ladies there asked us if we wanted to take a photo with their backdrop and props and we said sure! We also tried some samples of their cashew milk which was beautifully smooth!

Next we snagged some sundaes at The Coconut Collab stall! I had chocolate with strawberries and chocolate syrup! Eleeshia had mango with blueberries and granola. Delicious! Just a shame the weather didn’t quite match up.

Obviously we had to swing by the Equinox kombucha stall since they were so kind to send me the tickets! They had cocktails but I don’t drink alcohol so I just got their Wild Berry kombucha on tap! Delicious!

Juice samples at BFresh! The Strawberry Fields juice was great!

Hippeas chickpea puffs! It’s always great to check the ingredients on a packet and see “VEGAN” written on it. The Hippeas team gave us a packet each to take with us!

Everything I picked up at Taste of London! Fresh mangosteen, Plenish Water, Pip & Nut butters, Hippeas and some free basil seeds.

A pretty successful and fun evening! Thank you to Equinox Kombucha for providing the prize!

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