Month: September 2016

I’ve mentioned our honeymoon in passing on here a couple of times but I’ve never actually written a post on it. The other day I was looking through the photos I took on our trip and realised I wanted to share a lot of them.

For the first part of our trip we drove up to Yosemite National Park and camped in the Hogdon Meadow campground. The campground has flushing toilets but no showers. The main campsites are right among the trees but there is a trail that leads to the meadow. We walked this trail a few times and saw a wild deer family and a wood pecker!

One of the days we were there we took a drive up to a fire look-out point with amazing views out across the park. Whilst we were walking around a ranger from the look-out approached us for a chat, he noticed Brian was carrying bear spray and told us he had worked for the park for twenty years and only seen bears once or twice! He told us often the sound of the spray from the nozzle was enough to scare the bear away. We didn’t see a single sign of a bear whilst we were in the park.

The famous view out across Yosemite Valley. This bit was crawling with people so we just snapped a few photos and left. Down in the Yosemite Valley there is an extremely well stocked grocery store (especially for vegan products) – think frozen Gardein products, fresh veggies etc.

After our camping in Yosemite we drove down through the park to the town of Oakhurst and our cabin. The cabin is delightfully named Nature’s Nook. We were so happy to arrive here, a shower and a clean bed were exactly what we needed after camping. The bed was ridiculously comfortable, I remember the first night being the best nights sleep I had had in ages. The cabin has a tiny kitchen so we happily cooked up our meals whilst we were there.

In the cabin’s plethora of information we found information on the Nelder Grove, also known as Shadow of the Giants, a grove of giant sequoia trees. We took a drive up there and had a great time walking the trails, enjoying the trees and looking for mushrooms.

After our stay at the cabin we started the long drive to Bridgeport and the Paradise Shores RV park. We drove up to Jackson and then across the top of Yosemite. Some of the roads had been closed due to snow so our route was slightly altered but never the less we made it! At one point we accidentally drove into Nevada – much to my joy.

We arrived at the RV park and were greeted and shown to our rental RV by the very pregnant and lovely host. The RV was fully stocked with fridge, the tiniest oven, toilet, shower and double bed. There was a TV which we couldn’t really get to work and wifi which we also couldn’t get to work much at all. The park is basically in the middle of nowhere so that wasn’t much surprise to either of us.

However, the view outside the RV was breathtaking. It’s set right next to a big resevoir and ringed with mountains. We went to sleep that night and woke the next day to find the whole area covered in snow! I’ve never seen snow falling in California before so it was a very magical moment!

One of the main reasons we decided to stay in Bridgeport was the fact that it is very near to Bodie. Bodie is an almost fully preserved ghost town! I am absolutely fascinated by ghost towns and have always wanted to visit Bodie. We decided to visit on the day when it had snowed and it was magical!

Bodie is so well preserved it’s like the people there just up and left one day. The history of the town is absolutely fascinating – if you ever get a chance to visit you must!

The final stop we made was to Mono Lake. We had a quick look around the visitor centre and then drove down to the lake shore. I decided to have a taste of the lake water and it was DISGUSTING. Brian thought my scrunched up face was hilarious! The lake itself is really beautiful though, ringed with snowcapped mountains.

We spent one more night in the RV and the next day started our long drive back to L.A. We both loved our trip so much and still talk about how comfy the bed at Nature’s Nook was!

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