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A vegan travel post coming at you with a twist today – I’m not the one travelling! My mum and Kim have been in Tallinn, Estonia for the past few days and they have given me some insight into some vegan food they ate in the city. They were lucky enough to meet someone at the airport who told them about V Vegan! They also saw vegan options in the windows of cafes and in supermarkets as well as whole foods shops. Myself, I was pleasantly surprised to see lots of listings for Tallinn on HappyCow – I feel that you could eat really well there as a vegan!

Vegan V Restoran
Rataskaevu 12, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia

They had dinner at V Vegan which is a small rusticly decorated vegan restaurant with a cosy and warm vibe. The restaurant is situated on a cobbled street in Tallinn’s medieval old town. They both remarked on how attentive and polite the service was.

The menu at Vegan V.
(Many options are also gluten or wheat free)

If I had been there I totally would have picked the Beetroot Seitan with potato mash and wild mushroom sauce – how rich and decadent does that sound!

The Beetroot ravioli with cashew cheese and a pesto sauce and garnish of crunchy nuts.

For mains they had Spicy Tofu on quinoa and sweet potato pile with tomato and coconut sauce.

Unfortunately they were so hungry they ate it before they could take photos – but I’ll let that speak for the deliciousness! They said it was a perfect combination of textures and flavours – especially the sauces.

Baked Apple with Carrot and Ginger Ice cream

Chocolate cake with berries

How good does that cake look! My mum said it was a very chocolatey cake which was not too sweet with berries in the filling. Yum!

They have a good selection of vegan cakes – something that always gets my vote!

They both agreed that the food was delicious and they had a great dining experience at Vegan V.

You can find Vegan V online on their website here and on Facebook here

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6 thoughts on “Vegan Travel: Tallinn – Vegan V Restoran

  1. Pavel

    These sound delicious! Thanks to this post, I’m considering visit to Tallinn. I was always curious to visit, but a little worried about the lack of proper vegan dishes.

  2. AngelasArtArea™/ArtCardsUnited

    Oh yum! That sounds wonderful! It’s great to know that so many options are out there. I’d go for the Beetroot ravioli with cashew cheese myself. I’m a sucker for avocado’s so I’d have to go with the Choco. avocado cream with Cherry sauce. Although I’d have to ask if they could make strawberry sauce or something…as I don’t like Cherry’s that much. I’m confused though…it didn’t say Choco. cake, yet you have a picture of one? That looks REALLY good!!! I’d have that but probably wouldn’t know they even had that option as it’s not on the menu? They should add that baby on there as it looks really good!

  3. Sabrina

    This was my fave restaurant in Tallinn! I had the beet seitan and it was delicious. Like cuts of meat but with the earthy flavour of the beet juice in the mixture to round it out. There’s also a little music bar next door that does amazing salads with smoked tofu.

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