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On Wednesday Becky and I attended our first blogger event (thank you so much to Olivia and Natalie at Taste PR for inviting us). The evening was an introduction to Miso Tasty, the brain child of Bonnie Chung. Miso Tasty is an instant miso soup range and the saviour of vegans everywhere. You’re late for work and have no time to whip up anything else? Can’t find anything vegan on offer in Eat or Pret? Keeping a pack of Miso Tasty in your bag makes for a great nutritious low calorie and mostly importantly vegan lunch!

When we arrived, we were seated at a long table with other bloggers. We each had our own place setting with a personalised spoon.

The first thing to do was to try the different kinds of miso on offer. We tried the miso with different crudites of carrot, celery and mooli.  My favourite was the Saikyo Miso, a relatively young miso (fermented for 2 months) and had an almost sweet flavour. Becky enjoyed the rice miso the most!

After we had tried the different types of miso Bonnie explained to us where each one is from and how they are made. According to Bonnie, hatcho miso is only made in one region in Japan and is the only miso the emperor will eat!

We were then introduced to Miso Tasty and shown the packaging. With Miso Tasty, it’s not a powdered soup, it’s the actual miso paste! So you’re getting a completely authentic experience. Each serving comes with a sachet of miso and a sachet of umami and other toppings. We got to try both varieties, the Classic made with Shiro miso and a Spicy made with Aka miso. As well as the broth we were given loads of toppings to try in our soup including sesame seeds, nori, wakame, tofu, spring onions and rice noodles. We thoroughly enjoyed both!

After enjoying our soups Bonnie treated us to some different foods cooked with miso paste. We had aubergine marinated in miso, a coleslaw made with miso and tahini (egg-free and vegan!), there was also some black cod with miso and salmon  (which we obviously didn’t eat!) Afterwards Bonnie brought round some miso chocolate chip cookies (unfortunately not vegan) that looked really amazing and gave us lots of ideas!

Before we left we were presnted with some amazing goodie bags by Bonnie  – thank you so much! All in all, an amazing and enjoyable evening. Great company and delicious food. We are happy to say our first bloggers event was such a great experience.

You can buy Miso Tasty online here

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Sarah and Becky xxx

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