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Ms Cupcake golden syrup cupcakes- Vegan and Gluten free

Today was definitely a baking day. My day off plans got postponed last minute, I got woken up at 7am and the boiler broke.

I got Ms Cupcakes recipe book for Christmas and haven’t been able to put it down since. This is the 4th I’ve tried!

Today I made her golden syrup cupcakes additionally gluten free as she suggests. I live with 2 gluten free ladies- id be on my way to obesity if I didn’t!

Possibly the best gluten free recipe I’ve ever used. Light, and non crumbly, gluten free dream! Apologies for the non impressive icing attempt I ran out of icing sugar 🙁

As her recipes are rarely online and I’d love her to make another book I’m not posting the recipe but recommending you buy the book! If you’re new to the vegan or gluten free world, It’s full of non faff ingredients, no cups and sugar filled. If you’re like me, the more sugar the better!

Becky xxx

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