Vegan MoFo: Vegfest London 2014

This Sunday I hit up Vegfest with my friend and fellow vegan, Ratha! It’s the second time we’ve been to Vegfest. Here’s a selection of photos from our day.


Really tasty raw  date and cashew snackaroons!


One of the only things I brought back this time was a block of the No-Moo Piquant cheese – delicious!

Moo Free

Bute Island Foods

Massive fan of Bute Island’s ‘Sheese’ which is sold at Tesco! (Try the smoked!)


I drink Vega One for breakfast almost every day – can’t say enough good things about them. A big plus was getting to see Brendan Brazier talk about plant-based diets for athletes!

Ms Cupcake

Being fabulous as usual! I hear they completely sold out not too long after we left!

Sea Shepherd

These guys are absolutely amazing and I made my only other purchase from them! If you’re wondering what they do check out :

Rebel Kitchen

I’ve used Rebel Kitchen’s Mylks in recipes here before. They are damn delicious, try the Chai if you get a chance. I just wish they came in bigger cartons!




Soypresso needs to hurry up and get over here from Germany. AMAZING soya based coffee drink. Tasted damn delicious.

(I forgot to take note of this stalls name but I’m including them anyway because LOOK AT ALL THOSE VEGAN CHOCOLATES!)

Koko Dairy Free

Tried their strawberry coconut milk for the first time. Tasted a lot like Nesquik from my childhood, thumbs up!


I’ve wanted to try Pudology for about 100 years it seems. They did not disappoint. The Millionaire’s Pud is soooo dang good. Next Ocado shop they’re going in the trolley for sure.

The Chocolatier

Water ganache chocolate. Tastes incredible. I got some salted caramel spread here last year and it was delicious.


Try the Coco Mylk!


Vego tastes like the inside of a ferrero rocher. I think I squealed a bit when I tried it. There was definitely a lot of “omg omg.”

Kizzy’s Cookies

Tried a little bit of the chocolate chip. Really tasty!

Marking which borough  we live in and signing up for some stuff!

Big Fat Vegan Bakery

I think this stall is basically just a big middle finger to anyone who thinks vegans can’t have absolutely oodles of donuts, strudels and whatever iced and cream filled concoctions you can think of.


Tried a sample of the passion fruit and chocolate. Absolutely incredible! This Yorkshire based ice cream company needs to go nationwide or I’m taking a road trip up there with a freezer bag.

Our lunch from Rupert Street was this really yummy sweet potato burger and salad! I also enjoyed a lemonade from The Electric Lemon 

So there you have it. I probably could have bought more and I was slightly disappointed not to see some of the stalls I had enjoyed last year returning for this year!

Sarah xxx

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  1. dimsimkitty

    Oh my gosh! That bakery stall with all the pastries… I want to eat it all!
    I am loving reading all the VegFest wrap up posts. Sadly I live in a VegFest free city, so I have to live vicariously through others.

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