Vegan Travel: Brussels

This past weekend I found myself in Brussels. I’m not gonna lie and pretend I went there for the city, it was all to catch Damien Rice on his European tour!

But obviously a vegan has to eat. So here’s a little break down of where I ate during my stay.

The first day in Brussels we ended up an unexciting restaurant where I had some pasta with tomato and basil sauce. It’s not worth mentioning the name since it was so dull.

But the first nights dinner was great!

Mo Mo


Mo Mo is a Tibetan place that serves little filled dumplings and noodle based broths. It’s a simple concept but delicious none the less. After our fairly heavy and late lunch we wanted something light and Mo Mo was a great choice. We found Brussels to be quite expensive but Mo Mo was very reasonable.

L’Amour Fou

Chaussée d’Ixelles 185
1050 Elsene
We only found this place thanks to the lovely reception staff at our hotel (I’ll get onto that next!) We were completely starving and discovering that nowhere really serves food around 3pm on a Sunday. Luckily L’Amour served food until 5:30 and we managed to dash over there in time. We both had the Summer Wrap, a wrap filled with marinated rice noodles, courgette, avocado, cashew and served with salad. Had to have some homemade frites as well. Great food and great atmosphere in the bar, loads of art and young Brusselaars enjoying themselves.
Hotel Made in Louise
Rue Veydt 40, 1050 Bruxelles
Since becoming vegan my hotel breakfast adventures have been limited somewhat. Made in Louise completely blew everyone else out of the water. Fresh baguettes, sliced bread, seeded rolls, jams and preserves. Lotus Biscoff spread. Delicious hot tomatoes. Green and black tea as well as coffee. Muesli and dried fruits. Fruit salad! There was a slight confusion when I asked for soya milk (pronounced something like sodJA) but otherwise breakfast was a breeze for me.  I’m gonna be honest I think I ate the most at breakfast during our stay.
On a side note, there’s plenty of Alpro stuff in the supermarket so if you were really on a budget you could probably buy a lot of food there. I saw a lot of hummus too!
We also tried to eat at a branch of Le Pan Quotidien but the wait staff completely ignored us for nearly 5 minutes and when I approached to ask about a table they almost ran in the opposite direction! I was really disappointed because the staff over here in the London ones are charming.
Sarah xxx
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4 thoughts on “Vegan Travel: Brussels

  1. Dale

    Why aren’t there those Lotus spreads EVERYWHERE?!

    We were in Brussels about two months ago and devoured every jar of Lotus spread that we could see, but here in Berlin we’ve been less fortunate to find it. It must be here, we just haven’t spotted it yet.

    Great write up, by the way.

  2. Nathalie

    Well, that does sound a lot like trying to eat vegan food in Brussels :p I live here and honestly, between places where they lie to you about food being vegan, places where the waiters are terribly unhelpful and others where vegan options simply don’t exist, I just prefer eating at home or make myself something to take with me. Unfortunately during the winter I seem to enjoy eating my home-made sandwich on a bench in a park a little less :p A new place just opened recently though and apparently they even have vegan desserts (!), so I’ll have to try that 🙂

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