Foodies Festival at Syon Park

Last week I won a pair of tickets to Foodies Festival in Syon Park from the lovely people at Miso Tasty.

My friend Makeda who is a freelance photographer kindly offered to drive down there so on Sunday we set off for Brentford! It was really sunny and the festival was outside so that made for a really pleasant day.

I was obviously on the lookout for vegan goodies but was also aware that unlike my previous festival experiences there would be a lot I would have to decline or just not even look at. There was a lot of alcohol available – I don’t drink at all but if you were into beer, wine, gin and pimms it would definitely be a good event to go to! Even so I was pleasantly surprised and I’ll detail some of the goodies I found below as well as some general photographs I took! I’ll try to provide website or social media info for each company below the photos.

Makeda sampling some Cidre elderflower flavour.

Little Pimms teapot which I thought was so cute!

Vita CoCo
On Twitter @vitacoco
I’ve been on the search for a coconut water that I actually like. In the past I tried a flavoured version and just couldn’t get on with it. I tried the natural version and it was pretty good! They were also sampling their new coconut oil.

Me enjoying my coconut by Makeda!

After VitaCoCo we found a stand selling coconut water fresh from the coconut so Makeda bought one for us to share! I’m now a big fan of fresh coconut water. Later we brought our coconut back and had it split open so we could eat the flesh inside.

This next part was probably the most exciting part of the day for me. We stopped by Cocoa Feliz, a chocolate stall. Makeda asked the man if anything was “vegan proof” and we were told “EVERYTHING!”. So naturally I was like “whaaaaaaaaat?” and the man explained that they were both vegan! We had a lovely little chat and I bought a box of 12 chocolates. I was totally digging on their vegan milk chocolate Millennium Falcons too.

Cocoa Feliz are on Twitter @cocoafeliz

 I confess that I have no idea what this stall was called. I was just too excited to spot the vegan cake! I bought the vegan layer cake and Makeda got some Jamaican rum cake. Trying the cake later on…I can see why it was the only vegan cake. I only ate the buttercream in the end. Disappointing!

Truly Simple Foods
More vegan friendly food! Truly Simple Foods were selling a bunch of jarred sauces, spice rubs and concentrates. I tried their Coconut Curry and Spinach on a cracker and it tasted great. I will definitely be looking out for them in the future.

We obviously had to stop by Miso Tasty and say hello and thank you for our tickets! Makeda tried some miso soup and liked it so much she ended up buying a couple of boxes. Miso Tasty is a staple of my work lunches at the moment so it was nice to share how delicious they are with someone else!

You can find Miso Tasty on Twitter: @misotasty

Next we hit up Supernatural for some vegan juice and smoothie goodness. I went for the Fibre Boost, a smoothie of avocado, apple, lemon and spinach which was delicious. Green smoothies can sometimes be grainy or lumpy but this was beautifully smooth.

You can find Supernatural on Twitter: @sprntrlUK and in Canary Wharf underground station.

After lunch we decided to call it a day and head back home! We both really enjoyed our day in the sun.


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