Hi there! I’m Sarah.
I’m a big fan of dark chocolate, avocados, using too much garlic and finding the perfect vegan mayonnaise. I’ve been vegan for four years. Originally I made the switch due to health issues (eczema, boo) but now my veganism stems from my love for animals.

I’m passionate about all things mushrooms, camping and getting outside in nature.

In October of 2016 I left my home country of England to move to Los Angeles to live with my husband. I’m an avid collector of wooden eating utensils – usually spoons. Because my husband is American, a lot of my recipes are measured in cups – I do try to provide conversions when I can however!

I’m more than happy to review products if they fit with my vegan ethos. More often than not this involves me using them as a component in a recipe. You can view my reviews here.

You can contact me at soydivisionblog@gmail.com or on Twitter and Instagram @soydivisionblog

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  1. Margaret Douglas


    I’d like to get in touch with you but couldn’t find your email address.

    My name is Margaret. I’m working with a bunch of other Vegan bloggers to beta test a community chat tool for blogs called Typepath. Vegansaurus, Red Hot Vegans and others are participating and I thought you’d be interested. You have a great blog!

    In short, Typepath lets readers from across the greater vegan community chat in realtime on your blog with readers from dozens or even hundreds of other blogs that share a common interest.

    Please email me and I’ll send you more information as well as links to the list of blogs that are currently hosting Typepath.

    You can email me at Margaret [at] typepath.com


  2. Elaine Livingston

    Hi Sarah. I just made your Probiotic cashew yogurt. I let it sit for just over 24 hours. It was a foamy texture and tangy enough for me. I put it in the fridge in a glass bowl. It tastes yeast and have had burps that taste like taste like yeast. Is this how it should be?

    1. soydivisionblog@gmail.com

      You’re saying it tastes like yeast? I don’t think it should taste like that. It should taste a bit tangy like regular yogurt does.

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