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Something a little different here today. I’m gonna give you a short little review of a new product I’ve been using! There might be a few of these coming if anything else changes my life.

As a vegan Earthlings is probably the most important thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen a few other films relating to the food industry and animal rights but this takes the biscuit. It’s extremely harrowing. Watching the film I found out some things I didn’t know before. Number one being where leather actually comes from. I always assumed that leather was a byproduct from the meat industry, a sort of buy one get one free if you will. After finding out that leather actually comes mostly from Indian cows, sold by families to people claiming their sacred beasts are going to be taken to sanctuaries. They are actually made to walk hundreds of miles to the slaughterhouse. Chilli pepper is rubbed in their eyes to keep them moving and their tails are broken to get them to get up when they tire. After slaughter the skin is taken and treated with numerous chemicals.

As you can probably imagine I was horrified. Leather has always been some what of a grey area for me. One that I wasn’t yet ready to confront in myself. After seeing Earthlings I decided to never buy any more leather or wool product again. I do own some leather and wool products from previously and I intend to keep using them until they fall apart.

Anyway, I digress. Now you know the reasons I will tell you about my latest purchase! Perusing through the internet for vegan hand bags I came across Matt and Nat, a vegan and cruelty free hand bag company based in Canada. I was immediately in love. I like smart stylish bags but getting vegan ones can be difficult. A lot of what I see is quirky and hippyish, sort of gawky and childish. Matt and Nat’s stuff is completely different.

Matt and Nat’s products are 100% cruelty free and vegan, made from Polyurethane and lined with a material made from recycled plastic bottles.  As well as being cruelty free the bags are ethically sourced. Sounds like a winner to me.

I decided on their Matt & Nat Schlepp Tote Bag, I like really big bags for work. If I can’t fit my umbrella and a tupperware full of food in it I’m not really interested. My Schlepp is in the colour Glacier. The bag looks like it’s made of real leather and is durable, it’s taken quite a bashing on its first outing on the tube. Happily I can throw everything in there!

The bag took around 2 weeks to arrive. I’m also in love with their emerald green cross body bags so there might be another purchase on the horizon soon 🙂

You can find Matt and Nat’s bags online here and on Facebook here.


It’s been a few years since I made this post but it still gets views so I wanted to make a quick update. After the Schlepp I purchased two more Matt & Nat bags which I use on a regular basis – an emerald green Matt & Nat Gil Crossbody bag and a maroon/burgundy Matt & Nat Blinkin Crossbody Bag. I use the Blinkin on a daily basis and it still looks as good as when I first got it! I also have a beautiful wallet from them as well. They’re constantly bringing out new designs and I have to stop myself from buying all of them!

Please post below if you have any questions.

Sarah xxx

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